Artist Statement

Nikki Bestul is an acrylic painter from Eau Claire, WI. Her paintings are inspired by what defines humans as individuals. Our society trains us to keep personal emotions quiet, even when we want to scream. Through her art, Nikki is able to untether those emotions. Her life adventures are reflected on the canvas to show the perspective of her heart. In her work, she explores her deepest feelings. Universal feelings that are whispers muttered in the back of most peoples’ minds. Bright colors are displayed to show the spectrum of emotions released. Her art evokes inspiration, strength, and determination.

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Released in 2022-

                                                          Otto Sight

Otto Sight

Otto Sight is inspired by someone that the artist came across in her journey’s while vending at a concert. Some characters we meet are out of sight. Travis Hall “Lime Tree” also plays a large part in this painting.


Nikki Bestul ArtSiren is temptation. She can bring fun to life but mask what we leave behind. Bright colors grab your attention. Thank you for viewing.

                                                    Short Adventures

Short AdventuresShort Adventures is the artist take on addiction. Although vividly colorful and appealing to the eye, sadness follows shortly behind. The snail is a symbol of our journey through this life. Slow and steady, he seems to have little to no thrill with where he is.  The mushroom is the snails choice of addiction. Bringing colors all around him. Distorting what he sees. The pain that he is masking still follows in the display of rain that follows him.


Nikki Bestul ArtCatalyst is the artists view of being walked away from. Past relationships, family, friends. Colors play a big part of the meaning of this piece. Yellow is a color of friendship. Greens are comfort, familiarity, that happen place that calms you. Reds are anger, hurt, and all other negative or uneasy feelings. The gears are a symbol of the way life works to the artist. They don’t always line up yet are turning at different speeds and directions. The locket in his hand reminds us that people don’t walk away without taking a piece of you with them. He’s naked to show rawness or vulnerability. A man was uses to symbolize the strength it takes to walk away from someone. The messy upper half of the man is to show our thoughts and feelings can be clouded when this happens.