Beaty Rockwell


Original painting is acrylics on wrapped canvas measuring 16″x20″.

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Beaty Rockwell is the third of the Faceless Women series. Fifth creation to this point. Following her name, Beaty Rockwell is a woman with beats in her heart to rock really well for the rest of her life. She clearly is a lover of music. At the time of this creation, Nikki was feeling the vibe of being an artist for a year time (nearly). Life was playing her song and Nikki had the dance moves in each step. This was the moment Nikki realized that her passion to create art was no different from being a musician. Her instrument is a paint brush, and her song is sung in bright colors.

Her face in solid for your imagination to fill in. Is she you? Could she be reminding us of a friend, a sibling, a parent, or someone else? Does she remind you of people/a person you may have met over time? This series is about relatability. In other words, a way to recall good times and/or good people. What song is energizing your soul?

The Faceless Women series will continue to grow so keep your eyes open for new feeling to relate to. Just as life can be, our abilities and interests will continue to grow as well.

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5×7, 8×10, 12.75×17.25


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