Original painting is acrylics on an antique canvas from the 1950’s (given to the artist from her grandmother in original packaging) measuring 9″x12″.

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BRB stands for Be Right Back. This painting is a scene of a canoer paddling off into the wild. The colors represent nature and dismay. The feeling given in this piece is that the canoer is drifting off into nature to take a break from the world and recollect themselves in the peaceful nature.

This painting was painting on a canvas gifted to the artist from her grandmother. The package was unopened and originally dated from the 50’s. Sale price set for $1.54. In that time, this was a costly canvas. Markings remain burned into the back of this canvas from the creators. A light mounting of the framing for this artwork is helping to preserve the canvas.

BRB is the artists way of expressing what life can be like when things seem overwhelming and create stress. It, also, is a symbol of facing new and unknown paths. Let’s face it, it can be scary to depend on a life that is far from traditional. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak at heart. In Nikki’s world, that was exactly what was happening. With not much room for failure, it’s an intense yet satisfying journey to be had. Can you relate? Have you been through something that made you want to vanish into the wilderness for a while?


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8×10, 11×14


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