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Catalyst is the artists view of being walked away from. Past relationships, family, friends. Colors play a big part of the meaning of this piece. Yellow is a color of friendship. Greens are comfort, familiarity, that happen place that calms you. Reds are anger, hurt, and all other negative or uneasy feelings. The gears are a symbol of the way life works to the artist. They don’t always line up yet are turning at different speeds and directions. The locket in his hand reminds us that people don’t walk away without taking a piece of you with them. He’s naked to show rawness or vulnerability. A man was uses to symbolize the strength it takes to walk away from someone. The messy upper half of the man is to show our thoughts and feelings can be clouded when this happens.

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3×5, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14


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