Family Portrait 2020


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Family Portrait 2020 is the artists view from the year 2020. Covid-19. Where were you during covid-19? Do you remember what the world was doing?

The world stopped for the artist. While people on the streets were screaming ” I can’t breathe!” so was the artist. Her daughter was battling a rare heart complication that needed fast solutions. As a single mother, the artist felt like she was screaming for help as the world was too busy talking about more important things. Then, days before birthdays in their home, the world stopped. Hospitals stopped allowing people in unless it was deemed life threatening. It was here daughters time for help. That’s right, emergency heart surgery at a large hospital near the Twin Cities. while the world was screaming “I can’t breathe” for George Floyd, we were waiting for a promise for a new tomorrow. The artists daughter made it through the surgeries and on the way home, they stopped to stand for others that needed to be heard.

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