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Home. Has anyone ever asked you where you grew up? Most people would respond with the town they grew up in, or a state. For the artist, one town was not the answer to this question. She grew up in her own form of home and a mix of a few places.  As a child she moved around yet spent a lot of her time in the woods, just outside of the city. After school is when she really grew up. She traveled to cities across the nation to find where she belonged. What she found was that she belonged in her own little place. Somewhere between all these places, guided by her vision and the moon. What is a home. Where did you grow up?

This painting was created in the very beginning of Nikki’s art career. With a dream and a teenaged daughter, she thrived to show the world how she sees it. Having a bit of help from her immediate family, she built up the courage to put the brush to canvas and become her own boss. With Sharyn Life being the first painting created, “Home” quickly followed.  These 2 paintings remain the basis of her inner being.

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