Missy Hyme


Original is acrylic painting on an antique canvas dating the 1950’s (given to the artist in original packaging from her grandmother) measuring 9″x12″.

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Missy Hyme was created in a series called Faceless Women. Entitled Missy Hyme, she is clearly missing him in the purest and sort of religious way. This painting was created in the beginning of 2018. Nikki had taken another leap into the dark when she decided to pursue a relationship that had taken a 15-year hold. Many hours were spent driving in devotion to spend time with her partner. Something just wasn’t right, and the relationship ended days before Valentines Day. This was the closer needed to move on, yet the idea of it all ending was a hard pill to swallow.

Most of us have someone special that may not be active in our lives anymore. To the Artist, this feels like a series of rainy days in healing. Even after the majority of healing, those rainy days can still sneak up on us. Consider yourself normal if you can relate to this. Sadness and hurt can be a healthy coping mechanism. That is exactly what Nikki wanted to capture in this piece.

In addition, this is an antique canvas gifted to Nikki from her grandmother and dating to the early 1950’s. Marking are preserved in the wood of the canvas.

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