Sharyn Life


Original painting is acrylic on wrapped canvas measuring size of 16″x24″.

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Sharyn Life is the first of the Faceless Women series. It is also the first painting that Nikki created as a professional Artist. Sharyn is naked to show her raw nature and state of being while roaming through the woods. Finding her perfect spot, she releases her spirit animal as a way to release her fears, weaknesses, and bad vibes. It is also a way of showing Nikki releasing her first true painting to the public. Doesn’t it feel good to let insecurities and doubts free from your soul once in a while?

When Nikki was young, she could often be found on the edge of the yard, thinking on a stump of an old tree while staring at the Lilac bushes. The horizon line in the distant view (beyond the bushes) was breathe taking. As life often does, the view was full of distractions, yet there if you truly focused. Many hours were spent ponding life beyond the bushes. Journeys to come toward the horizon.

Sharyn Life is just that. Let’s share life. The goods. The not so goods. Share the ability to raise above by lifting each other. Share the good times with friends and loved ones to create memories to be laughed about for years to come.



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